Case Study – Musical Instruments, Then & Now

For this research paper, we were tasked with writing a comprehensive essay based on the following prompt:

…how musical instruments have evolved, from the early incarnations of pianos, guitars, and drums, to modern day instruments with exquisite craftsmanship at mass scale, and the shift from acoustic to digital…

We employed a writer who happens to have been a touring musician for several years, and can speak thoroughly and passionately about the subject of musical instruments. For the early history, we used articles such as this Wikipedia entry on the Guitar as a starting point of our research (we repeated this methodology for piano and percussion). The history of percussion instruments proved particularly fascinating, as the roots of those instruments go further back than any other instrument.

The shift of instruments to the digital age – particularly in the case of drums and piano – is a fascinating subject, and one our writer did not have much experience in. It’s important to us at MindRelief to deliver essays that display knowledge as written by subject matter experts, so we stop at nothing to immerse ourselves in researching every angle. In this case, the writer actually spent time familiarizing himself with modern instruments by browsing through online retailers (like Sweetwater for instance), and best of guides (like this best digital piano guide as an example), reading reviews to put his finger on the pulse of what today’s musicians have to say about the digital instruments available to them.

What resulted in the end was an extensive essay that far exceeded the expectations of our customer. This is a level of detail that other essay writing services fail to achieve. With competing services, your essay is usually given to the lowest bidder, to maximize the amount of money the service can pocket. MindRelief values quality over quantity, and we would rather produce a piece you are ecstatic about, and will cause you to be a repeat customer, as opposed to something you will have to heavily edit and revise yourself due to sub-par work.

It all starts with research and a dedication to our craft, and we feel MindRelief has the best research methodologies around when it comes to essay writing. We hope you’ll agree with us after putting us to the test!

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