Research Paper

The research type of paper mainly teaches the author to work with the great load of information. The key points to keep in mind when writing research paper are the following:

You have to find the relevant text to the studied subject and evaluate this information

After evaluating the information you have to put it together into one paper, making it brief and logical.

Most likely that you will face with the huge amount of information when researching, thus before starting to develop your thesis you would have to appraise all the sources and choose most relevant.
You are to tell about the sources used in the essay in the introduction. You also have to clearly state the main issue raised in the paper in your thesis statement.

The body of the paper has to be combined from the pieces of data you have found when doing the research. The personal opinion of the author has to be backed up by the evidence, this way present how well you have researched and how well you know the subject. By analyzing and criticizing the researched info you can show your abilities to think and investigate the data.

When writing this type of paper you have to be very careful when citing sources. Especially, you have to pay attention to quotations. In some cases you will be given a definite number of quotations that you can use in one particular paper.

When working on the conclusion you have to keep in mind that you have to show the overall knowledge gained from researching and writing this paper. Do not forget to proofread the essay and make it look logical and convincing. Be ready to answer any question when presenting the essay.