Explanation Essay

The primary goal of an explanation essay is to clarify the issue of the research, describe it and disclose the core of the matter in a brief and rational manner. In order to make the writer’s work more productive one must apply the following questions to your thesis statement:



What for?



In case your essay reveals answers to these questions, you are most likely on the right track to exploring your topic to the fullest. Before you get started, it is a great idea to make a plan in which you can formulate the points you want to mention in your essay. This technique will save you time in forming the body of the essay and will help mold the ideas into a logical conclusion afterwards.

The introduction must state what you are going to describe and why exactly you chose that specific topic. The thesis statement should contain a little bit of every aspect that you have drafted in your plan. The next part of the essay has to consist of structured explanation of the details of every aspect mentioned in the thesis.

The main body of the text usually has more than one paragraph. Each facet of your thesis should be evaluated in a separate paragraph in order to clearly present your points. Main body has to contain major points proved by dependable evidence. Your proof must be convincing and reliable as the main task of the essay is to demonstrate your expertise in a certain field of knowledge.

Your final paragraph will state a definition of the problem which you have developed based on the information you have used. Because your conclusion is a summary of all the points you have stated in the essay, it has to be short, logical and coherent. You need to make sure that there are no logical, spelling or grammar mistakes therefore the essay must be proofread. In case there are any pitfalls, necessary alterations must be made. It is a good idea to trust someone literary gifted to proofread your essay as it is known that evaluating your own work objectively is very hard, therefore one can miss mistakes and fallacies. Once the proofreading and correction phases are completed you can submit it for the professor’s or editor’s revision